Vacation Recap + Looking Forward to Fall

Happy Saturday Friends! I know I have not posted on here in a couple weeks but I will be back to posting regularly on Monday :] Today’s post reflects my family vacation last week and why I decided to unplug and not post a single thing this week.

Last week, my family vacationed to Sea Isle City, NJ with my aunt, uncle, and cousin – I have been going there for the last 23 years with them and we had another amazing trip with phenomenal weather all week.


The only thing I do not like about our vacation is eating at restaurants every single night – I know, I sound like a brat saying that and you are probably thinking, “come on Shan, you’re blessed” …I know, I truly am. My only rebuttal to that statement is being on my own, I love to cook now. My body freaked out because it is so used to home-cooked whole food – I had way too many French fries, folks. I am weird about going to restaurants because I like knowing exactly what I am eating by cooking it myself as opposed to someone else. Majority rules though, folks. Thankfully this year, I had my Plexus Fab 4 to keep my gut in line with all of that junk. Daddy and I went to the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday and New Jersey peaches were FABULOUS this year, and everything else for that matter.


We are never disappointed. My baby brother Pat brought his girlfriend this year and I really got to know her a lot better and learn what an amazing person she is. Then, I got to bond with my cousin, Julia. We do not see each other that often but she is such a wonderful person to talk to and I am so happy we had the talks we did.


This week, I unplugged and not posted on my Instagram or my website. I took the week to get back to reality and better my blog – I cannot wait to share recipes and workouts with all of you. I also took the time to plan out the rest of my fall. I am too excited because I have every weekend planned out and there is so much to look forward to – my Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, and Nittany Lions are all here in Chicago this year and I am AMPED for those weekends you guys. I am also visiting my best friend from high school in DC, my best friend from college in Baltimore, and my former best friend from Chicago in NYC.


Here’s to a fun weekend with my mom’s cousins and Chicago friends. Have an amazing weekend, everyone!! :]

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