Week 4, Day 5 — Corn Maze Core

Happy Friday from Indianapolis, Friend!! I heard I escaped the first snowfall of the season in Chicago this morning. I am at my Aunt + Uncle’s house for the weekend + so glad I could still do today’s workout here. 

Corn Maze Core


3X — 1 Minute Burpees + 20 Full Sit Ups + 30 Seconds Dolphin Pose [NO REST! Complete 3X in a row]
3X — 1 Minute Single Leg Deadlifts [1 Minute Right + 1 Minute Left] + 20 Bicycles + 30 Seconds Boat Pose
3X — 1 Minute Curl + Press + 20 Mountain Climbers + 30 Seconds Superman
3X — 1 Minute DB Reverse Lunges + 20 Horizontal Jacks + 30 Seconds Chair
3X — 1 Minute Upright Rows  + 20 DB Jackknifes + 30 Seconds Forearm Plank

Today, I signed up for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon taking place on May 18th. I definitely want to cross Illinois off my “Race in Every State” list [++ who knows, possibly Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, + Missouri too?! 😉 we shall see!].


My goal is to run it in 1 hour + 40 minutes or less. Training starts March 19th. Enjoy your weekend!! 🙂

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

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