Week 5, Day 2 — Earn Your Bolts / Cardio Workout + Bonus Burn

Happy Tuesday!! 🙂 I woke up a half hour earlier this morning so that I could hop on the bike, log 9 quick miles, + tack on 3 more bolts [104/100 ⚡️] I knocked out Bonus Burn #9 as well. Though I did not do the Cardio workout today, I will do it a different time [yes okay you don’t have to beat it out of me – I HATE rowing workouts but I promise I will still do it – I was on a time crunch today… seriously] 😉

Last night, I meal prepped + reorganized the refrigerator — call me a weirdo but this is one of my favorite things to do!!

Rise + Row

Find a rowing machine or erg in your gym + get ready to hit the water! This is an interval workout, meaning there is one minute off after each *on* piece. We will climb up the pyramid by even increments + down by odd. Set your erg [rowing machine] screen for the workout by pressing Menu>> New Workout >> Interval Variable. Set every off time for 1 minute + the on minutes as follows. The right hand corner shows SPM — strokes per minute. The faster your seat moves, the higher SPM. Hint: you want the time in the center of your screen to be as low as possible or on the watt setting, the watts as high as possible!

2 Min @ 18 SPM // 1 Min Rest
4 Min @ 20 SPM // 1 Min Rest
6 Min @ 18 SPM // 3 Min Rest
5 Min @ 20 SPM //1 Min Rest
3 Min @ 18 SPM // 1 Min Rest
1 Min @ 20 SPM // 1 Min Rest

Bonus Burn #9


20 Seconds Leg Climbers + 10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds Leg Lifts + 10 Seconds Rest
20 Seconds Reverse Crunches + 10 Seconds Rest
1 Minute Low to High Boat Pose  + 10 Seconds Rest 
1 Minute Plank + 10 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Side Plank [Left] + 30 Seconds Side Plank [Right]

Hot Cocoa from Cocoa + Co — SO delicious!! 🙂

A couple hours ago, I was sitting in this nearby cafe studying, sipping this delicious hot cocoa [yes, it was just as delicious as it looks], + thinking about how the CHAARG Fit Plan has changed my attitude towards myself, health in general, + how much it improved in just four short weeks. I have always cared about health — it is the most important thing in the entire world. I created this account to share + inspire all of you with my own version of health. Sometimes I let the fear of what others are going to think // competition get in the way of being consistent + sharing this part of my life publicly. These challenges made me feel more comfortable about posting every day + held me accountable to complete the fit plan to its entirety on time. I also received a message about personal growth — if you cut corners, you will end up with a circle every time. This could not be more true. Too many times, I have chosen to been lazy, put things off, take the easy way out, + cut corners with a lot of different things — I paid the price every single time. You can try as many times as you want until it gets through your head that there is no easy or fast track option to any process. Success come with a lot of hard work + effort. If you are looking to excel in anything, you will have [+ should want] to put in every ounce of hard work, right? Right. So here’s to always choosing to go the extra mile for the rest of this incredible journey through this beautiful life 🙂

This Is Us Promo Pic for tonight ❤

I had to babysit late tonight — hence my little hot cocoa break earlier. I watched This Is Us at the family’s house + oh my gosh, crocodile tears. If you did not watch yet I will not spoil BUT watch it asap + let’s talk about it.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

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