Week 5, Day 3 — Breezy Booty Workout

Happy Wednesday loves! 🙂 I have not done today’s Breezy Booty workout [yet ;)] — I had back-to-back babysitting duty last night + tonight. Therefore, I have not been home since yesterday morning. This is the workout I will be doing when I get home tonight:

Breezy Booty

3X — 15 Leg Raises + 20 Seconds Rest
4X — 10 Squats + 30 Seconds Rest
3X — 15 Single Leg Booty Boost + 20 Seconds Rest 
4X — 10 Lunges* + 30 Seconds Rest
3X — 15 Booty Boost + 20 Seconds Rest
4X — 10 Single Leg Deadlift + 30 Seconds Rest
3X — 15 Fire Hydrants + 20 Seconds Rest
4X — 10 Hip Adductor + 30 Seconds Rest

TURN IT UP: Lunges = Weighted With DBs

TONE IT DOWN: Complete all sets 3X [instead of 4X!]

9/9/2017 — A + me H2PSU Weekend 🙂

I wanted to share someone who I think would make an awesome future post-grad CHAARG girl — this is my baby brother’s girlfriend + she’s one of my favorite people on Earth. I honestly love her – she is one of the most caring, loving, + selfless individuals I have ever met. I don’t just say this about anybody either – I can openly admit I am not by any means an easy person to please when it comes to dating either one of my brothers, ESPECIALLY the baby. She truly is a wonderful person though. She is studying nursing + may switch to the same program I will be attending in the fall. We talked about studying + working out/going to yoga together [because how else are you supposed to survive nursing school right?]. You just may see more of her on here, folks! Her + P are coming to visit me tomorrow for the weekend so this fell at a perfect time 🙂 Have a good night, my friends!!

“You are the only one who can limit your greatness. Remember: you are enough.”

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