Week 5, Day 5 [LAST DAY </3] — Full Body Flex Workout

Happy Friday Friend!! 🙂 Today was the last day of the CHAARG Fit Plan — I find it so hard to believe that today was the final day of the CHAARG Fall Fit Plan + that I actually completed it from start to finish. This is the final workout of the 2017 Fall Fit Plan + I did listening to Christmas music [For the record, I LOVE Thanksgiving but I needed some holly jolly music ;)] Here it is:

Full Body Flex



2X — 30 Second Booty Kicks + 30 Second High knees + 30 Second In + Out Jumps  
15 Lunges + 15 Curtsy Lunges + 15 Bench Step Ups 
2X — 15 Squats* + 15 Goblet Squats + 15 Squat Jumps
30 Second Plank + 30 Second Plank Rocking Back//Forth + 30 Second Plank Up//Downs
2X — 15 Lateral Raise + 15 Bent Over Row + 15 Hammer Curl + Press
30 Second Russian Twists + 30 Second Yoga Sit Ups + 30 Second Leg Lifts


30 Second Burpees
45 Second Squat Jumps
60 Second Jumping Jacks 
30 Second Mountain Climbers + 30 Second Plank + 30 Second Spider Plank
30 Second Single Leg Tricep Dips [On Each Side]
45 Second DB Leg Lifts
60 Second DB Bench Press

Circuit 3

30 Second Walking Squats
45 Second Booty Boosts
60 Second Bridge Hold 
30 Second Horizontal Jacks + 30 Second Scissor Kicks + 30 Second Boat Pose
30 Second Overhead Tricep Extensions 
45 Second DB Swings
60 Second DB Punches Alternating + 15 Second rest

I wanted to reflect on my Fit Plan experience by reviewing my goals first:

Fit Plan Goals

Goal 1: Complete every Fit Plan workout [✓] — This was not by any means an easy goal to reach. One of the things I love most about the CHAARG fit plans is the flexibility. Some days I had to swap workouts to fit in with my crazy schedule. Other days I had to convince myself to do the workout, even if I was not motivated to go all the way up to the 19th floor. Perseverance is everything when it comes to hitting a goal like this 🙂

Goal 2: Meal plan one week at a time [✓] — I LOVE that I hit this goal because I knew my travel schedule ahead of time to plan quick meals on weeks where I arrived home late on a Sunday night [Special K + turkey sandwiches FTW 😉 ]

Goal 3: Eat at a restaurant TWICE in the entire five weeks [X] — wah wah WAHHH 😦  In my defense, my trips to DC + Indianapolis were the deal breakers. I stuck to this rule while I was in Chicago + the two places were both new so that’s a plus — I ate at Forno Rosso + Labriola Chicago both in Week Three.

Goal 4: Share one new blog post every Thursday on Daily Dose of Shannon [X] — I only did separate posts in Week 1 + Week 2 but fell off the new post train after that 😦 Instead of journaling this time, I made a blog post every day of the Fit Plan. I have so much random content to share but I never got around to posting it. I definitely want to try to make this a regular goal + do a post for every food I share that includes a nutrition label so you know exactly what you are consuming + how much.

Goal 5: Meditate // Do Yoga every night before bed [X] — I only did this a total of seven times total in the whole five weeks: I completed all three yoga flows [LOVED all three!!], two online yoga practices, + two meditation practices. I definitely want to try + make this part of my bed time routine.

Goal 6: Read three books before November 17 [✓] — Book 1 was “Don’t You Cry” by Mary Kubica [4/5]. Book 2 was Love Lies Beneath by Ellen Hopkins [4/5]. Book 3 was At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks [5/5]. I have been reading my GFI certification textbook + it is sorta my least favorite 😉

Goal 7: Completely unplug by 10 pm [X] — I stuck to this for the most part, but I did not unplug by 10 pm every night like I hoped. This was impossible on nights I was double babysitting. I had some late night posts to share after 10 pm.

Carpe Diem ❤

I wanted to share my new vision for this blog + how I am planning to stay in CHAARG… ESPECIALLY with Thanksgiving being less than a week away + Christmas being right around the corner [oh boy 😉 — jk, we’ll be fine fam, trust me!!] Before I do that — a moment of truth: I started this account for the sole purpose of distraction + to take my mind off of everything going on with my family back in Pittsburgh. Being away at times like this has been the ultimate challenge for me but I know I will be making my way back to my hometown soon. Everybody has their own way of handling their stress — I handle my stress by working out.

Running + Yoga saved me from self-destruction + helped me through the grieving process, especially after losing Uncle Terry. What I didn’t realize was how much of a saving grace this account has been. This account means so much more to me than a distraction now. It has become part of my way of  life. I’ve had my eyes on a ton of different inspiring food + fitness accounts the last few months, testing different recipes my picky taste buds enjoy [++ hope you will too]. All I keep thinking is I hope somehow + some way… both, my friends following me now + my future friends look at my account — + just feel empowered + inspired. Here is to staying in CHAARG this holiday season + beyond. I will be completing the Post-Fit Test tomorrow morning before I head to the Notre Dame game 🙂

“One day, she discovered that she was fierce + strong + full of fire, ++ that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

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