November Pumpkin Bread

This is the second pumpkin bread recipe I tested + perfected. Personally, I think it tastes waaay better than the October one. It definitely needed to be sweeter but remain clean + healthy. The first order of business in making any recipe healthier than the store bought varieties, is to use wholesome, clean-eating ingredients. No refined, no artificial… none of that — real + healthy … Continue reading November Pumpkin Bread

6 Tricks + Treats for a Happy + Healthy Halloween

Whether you are a parent getting the kids ready for trick-or-treating or a 20-something having a couple of friends over for some Halloween fun, chances are you are looking for some healthy treats to serve. In college, I tried my best to bring healthy treats to Halloween potlucks + get togethers so I recycled photos from those events. Here are some festive ideas to get … Continue reading 6 Tricks + Treats for a Happy + Healthy Halloween

A Safe Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

You can cook all of the healthy food your heart desires, but if you do not use safe cooking practices in the kitchen, you will still end up getting sick! It is so important to follow guidelines regarding how long to keep leftovers, at what temperatures to store foods, + what temperatures to cook foods! Your Guide to Safe Storage Follow these guidelines regarding how long … Continue reading A Safe Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

The “National Waffle Day” Waffle

Happy National Waffle Day folks! Today was a long day + I did not get the chance to partake nor share my favorite waffle recipe but better late than never, right? These are low carb protein waffles + unbelievably easy to make, containing just five simple ingredients + still taste delicious. I am all about the easy to cook but still healthy + delicious life. … Continue reading The “National Waffle Day” Waffle

Pita Pocket Chicken Salad

Happy Sunday, friends! I am trying really hard to find a good camera to document life and all of these good eats with you. I am also trying to add the recipe widgets but have not mastered that yet either – bear with me honeys 😅 In the mean time, pita pocket chicken salad anyone? 😋🥗 This is inspired by the Metabolic Diet Center I worked … Continue reading Pita Pocket Chicken Salad

Tasty Tuesday: Pork Plate

Good morning and Happy #TastyTuesday friends! Have you ever made pork tenderloin before?  It is ridiculously easy and very impressive. You know how much I like to share these types of recipes? A lot. The simpler, the better… always. This meal will have your apartment/house smelling so yummy and your tummy feeling so happy. Speaking of tummy – this meal is pretty darn healthy for you since … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Pork Plate

What the Heck is Plexus: Probio5

Happy Monday friends! I am going to start this Monday morning off with a fact: it takes our gut an entire year to repair itself after we take an antibiotic. How can we avoid taking antibiotics/illness in general? Start taking a good probiotic. This is my trusty probiotic and I am so happy I discovered this greatness. ProBio5 is not just a probiotic; it is a … Continue reading What the Heck is Plexus: Probio5

Thirsty Thursday: Harry Potter Butterbeer

All of my Harry Potter friends, this week’s Thirsty Thursday recipe is just for you. I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter – I have read all of the books a dozen times throughout my whole life and in honor of the 20th anniversary year, I will be reading the series. Again. Another trip to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday: Harry Potter Butterbeer

What the Heck is Plexus: Biocleanse

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I want to tell you guys about Part 2 of the triple action health combination I take daily: Bio Cleanse. This is a supplement that helps get your digestion on track by speeding up the removal of harmful microbes and substances to support your body’s natural detoxification process. Benefits: – Helps cleanse the gastrointestinal tract – Helps relieve gas, bloating, and … Continue reading What the Heck is Plexus: Biocleanse